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a few Character Traits of Prosperous Students in High School

An advanced00 student in high school, you could shout out "popularity" because the key, but popularity is just not a character trait. It is just a position you enjoy because a many people like you. You might and then suggest that "choleric temperament" tends to make success, but that expression describes a trait of individuality, not a character trait.

Figure traits are distinctive features showing the presence of true figure - and what is figure?

In Character, Hamilton claims, "Character is a consciously produced inner firmness that spreads throughout the fiber of a particular person, causing him or her to funnel firmly the energy of aim high moral values for the actions of everyday life. "1

Character traits of prosperous students in high school are derived from a supply of high meaningful values. A student has or perhaps lacks those depending on aware work. Others do not forced character upon you since they do popularity. Nor can you come into this world with a leaning in the direction of character, as you manage to have with personality. You get character traits only by means of consistent, daily work at figure building.

Three Character Features

Choosing three character features of successful students inside high school immediately raises something. Why should we not pick seven character traits? Possibly we should choose a dozen features. How can we stop together with only three character features? We stop with about three because we consider these most significant to success in high school graduation and beyond.

1 . Braveness yields success-oriented behavior. sewa stroller Prosperous students increase success whenever they employ courage to make behaviour choices. Courage, motivated simply by convictions, makes conscious selections to do right, no matter what effects await. Courage causes prosperous students in high school to be able to rebuff peer pressure. The result of that may be rejection by the "in" group, but courage welcomes that. High schoolers together with courage refuse, for example , the particular late nights, alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal substances that will deplete physical and mental strength. They will consciously accept the predicted consequence of other teens' mockery. Courage makes them reject cheating on homework or lab tests in the face of consequences of reduce grades. Courage demands ethics - all that they do arises from the same cloth.

2 . Adore yields success-oriented relationships. Pupils in high school increase accomplishment when they understand that authentic adore consists of doing what is with regard to you the one who is the object of the love - even from personal sacrifice. The character feature of authentic love compels students to consider the needs regarding others above personal requires. They give teachers and other university personnel the respect thanks their positions. They value other students, learning from their website and helping them attain also. They defer to be able to others when positions worth focusing on present themselves, willing to let other folks have first place. While encountering normal feelings for the reverse  they avoid (with true love) the capture of lust that would pull attention from scholastic things to do. Their exercise at home in the character trait love helps to keep life running more efficiently toward success.

3. Accountability yields success-oriented employment. Prosperous students in high school workout responsibility toward the work through which they are employed - academic work. They pay close up attention in class, and make sure they will know exactly what teachers assume in every course of study. They be realistic to fulfill every one of those responsibilities. They refuse to rely on other folks for reminders of whatever they should do, choosing instead for making reminders for themselves. They perform to the peak of their capacity on every obligation, regardless of the time and energy required. They check development along the way to stay on track to the goals. They never ever make excuses when they flunk of a goal, but take consequences in stride, reviving their efforts to make on with the misstep. They funnel even their leisure time, necessarily, to complete obligations well.


As a high school teacher and also principal, I would choose these three from the list of 66 character traits. Successful pupils in high schools have got built and continue to create many character traits within their lives, but they usually show high degrees of courage, adore, and responsibility. The blend goes with them into prosperous adulthood.

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